The Surefire Way to Delight Your Airbnb Guests

When working with our Airbnb clients, we outfit their properties according to what we know today’s “wired and tired” travelers are looking for.

Huddle up, Happy Girls, we’re going to spill some of our best secrets.

Here’s our expert advice on creating an outstanding AirBNB guest experience.

The most essential factor in giving your guests an all-around great experience is a curated guest space that allows them to unwind and rest easy at the end of the day.

And we have a recipe for success that never lets us down.

Here’s a look at how we approach giving guests a dream-filled slumber that will have them counting the days (and sheep) until they can return for another night of peaceful sleep.

Major hotel chains have tapped into this and have now begun to market their upgraded beds and linens.

Airbnbs that capitalize on this will be successful as well, and here’s why:

Your guests crave sleep.


And if you can luxuriously provide this, everyone wins.

Let’s break it down.

During my years as a wedding planner, I knew that there are deciding factors that make up a “great” wedding- food and music are at the top of the guest experience list and are what have people talking the next day.

So, much like a wedding, provide your guests a little bit of pampering.

Make an impression by offering the best of the best, so your sleeping accommodations wow them.

Here’s how you do it:

-A bed frame that does not creak… or wiggle… or bump against the wall… and, if possible, avoid a full-size bed… Kings and Queens are, well, Kings and Queens when it comes to bed size.

-High thread-count hypoallergenic crisp white sheets that are wrinkle-free. A white Duvet to match.

-A mattress that is both orthopedic and hypoallergenic.

Cooling mattress pad with memory foam

Mattress cover that is waterproof and vinyl free

Pillows with anti-odor technology (make sure to include extra pillows!)

-Plush throw blanket and decorative pillows (Pro tip- choose pillow covers that can be removed and washed) that create an inviting aesthetic

Ok, now that we have the perfect bed, here are some other must-haves for the perfect sleep setup:

Side table for each side of bed lamps that dim and have USB plugins/outlets


-A FAN!!!!!

Blackout curtains with a curtain rod that covers the sides of windows, so
no light shines through.

-Last but not least, a chocolate mint for the pillows cuz we are classy like that.

Your guests will appreciate the investment you make and will give great reviews. Air BNB is no longer the upgraded couch surfing alternative for millennials.

Those millennials are now grown and are well-traveled with high expectations.

They will value the extra effort and investment.

“Let’s start by taking a smallish nap or two”

Winnie The Pooh