Top 5 Things the Modern Traveler Expects [Do YOU Do This?]

Ok Innkeepers and Independent Hotel Operators, this one is for you

Let’s pretend that COVID has finally made its exit, and the world is right once again.

Now What?

Its time to focus on how to rebuild and rebrand to maintain your business and build on the future. I’m here to help with that with some facts, stats, hard truths, and words of wisdom.


1. Perceived Value- this means “the most bang for their buck.” 
2. Privacy and Peaceful accommodations  
3. Personable Innkeeper 
4. Great Amenities-not usually offered in large hotels 
6. Good Beds (see my blog on Airbnb beds) 

So. Let’s talk about “perceived value.”

That impression begins the second that someone finds you online. The vibe guests get from your website, and social media can (and should!) be elevated through professional photography and solid branding.

Photography and branding are powerful things but often not given the credit they deserve. 

We get it! You are an “in(n)-person” kind of person, for the simple fact that you are in the business of treating people like guests in your own home. It’s a good idea to think about your website as your first impression, your hands-free handshake per se- and we all know the power of the first impression. 

So. How do you convey your value digitally? Easy Peasy! 


Spend the money, time, and effort to have a drop-dead gorgeous property.

You can create magic with professionally staged rooms and public areas. Yes, you can do it yourself-but, should you do it yourself? Why not get the absolute best advice and guidance possible in this area and all areas of your business?  

Perceived good value is that feel-good feeling people leave with after having had a great night’s sleep in a stylish room, unexpected little touches that make the place so homey: a yummy breakfast and a great rapport with the owners are just a starting point in today’s competitive hospitality climate.

Ok. NEXT(!):

Privacy and Peaceful Accommodations.

Did you know that colors cause emotion? Of course, you’ve experienced this yourself. Spas with their soothing neutrals, and fast-food restaurants with their vibrant primary colors. 

Stylists and designers know about color theory and can help create a sense of serenity while maintaining the property’s charm and personality. Privacy is also huge – so put a lock on the door and no shared bathrooms because that’s just weird. 

Now let’s talk great amenities: 

Here’s one for you- a nightly campfire with smores. 

Maybe afternoon milk and cookies. 

Bicycles on loan and real actual books made of paper (how nostalgic).

These are all things a great stylist can help you brainstorm to create happiness, joy, and an experience your guests will be talking about long after their visit. 

Comfort reigns supreme.

Good beds equal a good night’s sleep.

I mean, this can’t be said enough.

Here’s a link to a quick and dirty on how your bedroom spaces can be easily and affordably set up to delight your visitors and have them coming back year after year.

So, let’s work together and put this COVID mess behind us as we prepare to welcome our next Guest and give them an experience they won’t forget while earning you profit.

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