Real Estate Staging, Mullets, And Why They Matter To YOU

Why Stage:

So, when answering this question- I usually reply with a question (I know… totally annoying)

Why not stage? 

Please give me all your reasons, and I’ll slay ’em all with facts and stats and cool tricks that are going to help you sell your home faster and for more money. Every. Single. Time.

Staging never doesn’t work. (sorry Grammar Police, I am making a POINT!). In fact, staging a home is the MOST EFFECTIVE TOOL to selling it. 

Many consider home staging a little light housekeeping and some pretty flowers on the dining room table. 

Professional home staging is a complete and comprehensive process that includes decluttering, organization, cleaning, and professional photography. As professional stagers, we’ve done the market research for you and will focus on getting the most effective results.

A home is just like anything else you are trying to sell but the stakes are so much higher. For example, when you go to buy a used car- are you shown dirty vehicles that smell like the previous owners? Nope! 

Car dealerships do everything they possibly can to show that vehicle at its very best. And for a good reason. It gets the car sold quickly and for more money. 

Think of the home you are selling and remind yourself that the potential buyers need to be able to envision themselves in the space. This is the most important financial decision most of us face in our life, coupled with the emotional nature of the fact that this will HOME.

Home is a powerful word. It evokes a feeling of security and happiness. If a house is cleaned and staged, a buyer can more easily make a connection and see their future within those four walls. 

It’s hard to offer constructive criticism, especially about a home where so many are emotionally invested. Agents may avoid this uncomfortable conversation, but not this Happy Girl. I’m gonna break it down the best way I can.  

Picture this:

You’re having a fancy dinner with your posse, you look over at the next table and see a person with a (*gasp*) mullet. ( I’m from Mississippi, so this is an actual epidemic). The first thing I do- after I have said the southern prayer (“Bless their heart!” which is southern for WTH is wrong with them) is ask myself-who cut their hair like that? I sure don’t want them anywhere near my golden locks. And perhaps my girls night out doesn’t feel so fancy. I associate the mullet with the restaurant and the licensed professional who created the “look.”  

When it comes to preparing a home for sale, our research has proven 3 things to be true… so here it is.

The ugly truth:

Homeowners of cluttered or smelly houses are seen as neglectful, and therefore, buyers are automatically distrustful. It’s natural for potential buyers to wonder, “What else is wrong with the house?”

And as a double whammy, Real Estate Agents that have listings in poor conditions are viewed as inexperienced and unprofessional.  

That’s a one-two punch for less money in your pocket. Almost every initial offer on a neglected home is a lowball offer because the owners are seen as vulnerable.

Now, these things may not be accurate, just the buyer’s perception. But, we all know that perception is reality.

So, my point is this: Buyers who have homes that are cluttered would benefit financially from putting in the work it takes to address the issues. 

An excellent realtor, who truly has the best interest of the client in mind, will suggest and often times will pay for the services of a professional (like Happy Girls) to come in and assist the owners in making their property look it’s absolute best.

This will help meet your goal of selling your home quickly and at top dollar!

Now, let’s talk about professional photography and why it is necessary.  

We live in a digital age, and people shop for their houses now like the shop for everything else – online!! 

Sites like Realtor and Zillow have empowered buyers to gain as much info as possible before even contacting an agent and the pictures will be the deciding factor on how many times a house is shown. 

Trust and believe that these pictures are the best advertisement there is for the property. Think of these pics as a house’s profile pic on a dating site….. Is your home going to die single?

Now that I have given you my insights-

Take a look at our data research and educate yourself on the power of staging.

Feeling like you need a hand?

We’re here for you.

Let’s get staging!