Why I Shop Second Hand

Well, Happy Girls, let me start by summing up why I buy second hand in the simplest of ways.

I buy second hand because I like nice things.

In fact, I like things that I could not afford unless they are second hand. And I love a good deal. I mean, who doesn’t? SO, combine beautiful things with a great price, and that makes ME a Happy Girl!

I guess I get my thrill of the hunt from my mom… I grew up going to thrift stores and garage sales with her. And, as a young Happy Girl, I wasn’t so happy about that. I’d much rather be at the mall-because it was the 80’s, and there was nothing more glamourous than the mall on a Saturday.

To this day, I love a trip to the mall. It’s just I don’t go to buy, only to look… and eat mall food, of course.

Cinnamon pretzel, anyone?

I focus on the quality, the necessity, and the purpose of the piece. I’ve never been a trend follower, and neither should you!

So, fast-forward to when I was fresh out of college and starting a career in corporate America (the most soul-sucking environment any human will endure in their adult life). I needed some good clothes- you know what I mean- I’m talking the kind where you look super successful even though you may be living in a one-bedroom 3rd-floor apartment.

One day I found myself at the Goodwill on a Saturday- A major step down from the mall (sigh, those PRETZELS!) … and the Gods of Fashion bestowed their grace upon me.

That day, I stumbled upon a treasure chest of the most amazing wardrobe pieces with the tags still attached. Whoever was fancy enough to drop those pieces off without a care- must be one rich Bi@#$. The clothes literally smelled like new $100 bills.

I managed to contain my squeals of delight long enough to call my Mom- because that’s what Mom and I do. We call each other to brag about how much we didn’t pay for something.

Are we the only people to do that?


Well. I had legitimate Cosmo Girl swagger thanks to my killer threads- I was ready to face the world of sales quotas, demanding customers, and piles of paper.

So, here’s how this story ends, and why-retail therapy is a waste of time and money- I won “Best Dressed” at my training class.

That’s right, ladies, high honors.

Nobody no one cares where you get your clothes from and quite frankly-you shouldn’t either! Concern yourself with the outcome, the finished product, the fabulous complete package.

Now that I’ve explained why I choose second hand- I’d like to encourage you to do the same.

Yes, I fall victim from time to time. I love a luxury shopping environment just as much as the next girl, but what I don’t love is being played. But overall, I avoid buying things I don’t need or can’t afford.

Through sheer will and determination of course. I will persevere!

I focus on the quality, the necessity, and the purpose of the piece. I’ve never been a trend follower, and neither should you!

You know what following trends get you? Bell bottoms, floppy hats, fanny packs, and mullets. Please don’t fall victim! Happy Girls, bell-bottoms don’t look good on anyone and never have. No matter how many times fashion experts “bring them back”. They “went away” for a reason!

So, I stick to the classics. JCrew and designers at Kate Spade won’t be deviating from their brand.

So, its time for you to decide, what’s your look?

How are you going to create a wardrobe that best represents your personality and style? How are you going to approach fashion? And what is most important? Your results or the experience of buying?

I hope I have empowered you to get out there and explore the secondhand fashion movement. Thrift stores gross you out? I get it!

Leave that to the professionals (like me) to get in there and find those pieces for you. Do some research and find some local consignment stores that fit your vibe or even better, Poshmark!

We at Happy Girls Co are huge Poshmark fans. Check out what we have in stock on our Poshmark closet here.